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Henan Jinbailai Industrial Co., Ltd. Latest company case about How to protect and maintain pavement and boulevard trees?

How to protect and maintain pavement and boulevard trees?


Latest company case about How to protect and maintain pavement and boulevard trees?

Cities continue to develop, air pollution is becoming more and more serious, want to do a good job of urban greening, the most effective way is to plant trees, the healthy growth of trees is the basic goal of urban greening, the use of tree grates can ensure that the growth of trees is more healthy. Tree grates are generally made of two or four plates connected together. It is usually an iron cover placed around the trunk of the tree to provide protection for the soil, our company has a variety of sizes and patterns


Advantages of tree guard plate:
1.Corrosion resistance, anti-aging: our tree grate products have superb corrosion resistance
2. Protect the environment: our tree grates reduce the environmental pollution caused by dust and soil.
3. Safety: after installation, the tree pit is parallel to the pavement, which reduces the safety hazard of pedestrians being tripped over
4. Multi-specification: Various colours, pure, available for selection. Multiple sizes can also be made.
5. Promote air circulation and easy access to rainwater, promote healthy growth of trees and provide delicate elements for the pavement.

corten steel tree grate

Why do we need to protect trees?
Research by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has shown that regular access to natural green spaces has a positive impact on human physical and mental health. When you have natural green landscaping in the city, it helps restore the health of our hearts.
1. Increase social activities and a sense of community.
2. Reduce man-made noise and natural sounds
3. Reduces air pollution
4. Helps absorb heat
5. Reduces direct sunlight

Residents of neighbourhoods with more green public spaces have lower levels of depression and stress, and having green surroundings also has a positive impact on children's cognitive development. Therefore, we need to protect trees. Our company's specially designed tree grates help water and air flow, and rainwater runoff can be diverted from the final storm drain species to provide nutrients for the trees. And the tree roots that twist in the soil provide room for additional water to infiltrate the soil, helping to control post-storm water on streets and pavements.
That's why we need to use tree grates to protect and maintain pavement and boulevard trees.



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