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Henan Jinbailai Industrial Co., Ltd. Latest company case about Protect Your Privacy with HNJBL Stylish Screen Fences

Protect Your Privacy with HNJBL Stylish Screen Fences


Latest company case about Protect Your Privacy with HNJBL Stylish Screen Fences

What are HNJBL Stylish Screen Fences?



HNJBL’s screen fence is a black, irregularly hollow privacy tool. This screen fence is made of corten steel that turns an attractive rusty red after treatment. This material, which naturally develops a patina, creates a screen that is naturally beautiful and highly durable, perfect for protecting your outdoor privacy. 


The corten steel used in HNJBL screen fences is a low-maintenance material that requires no painting or staining and can be easily matched with outdoor decorations.

- Benefits of using HNJBL Stylish Screen Fences


1. Screen fencing can increase privacy in your outdoor space: By blocking the view of neighbors or passers-by, there’s no need to worry about prying eyes.

2. HNJBL fashionable screen fences come in a variety of colors, such as red, white, and black; a variety of irregular or regular styles, such as leaves, flowers, bamboo, etc.; a variety of materials to choose from, such as weathering steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron, etc.


3. HNJBL’s stylish screen fence is extremely durable. Able to withstand harsh weather conditions, no longer afraid of wind and rain.

4. HNJBL’s stylish screen fencing can enhance the overall curb appeal of your home or business and beautify the appearance of your space.



- Use cases for HNJBL Stylish Screen Fences


large corten steel screen fence This is a large outdoor corten steel screen fence. This large screen fence has very strong privacy. Only a small part of its area is hollow, so it is almost impossible to see what is behind the screen. You can use it with confidence and boldness. No need to worry about peeping by passers-by. Its overall shape is a rectangle, with six growing flowers in the middle and two flowers in the upper middle. The overall shape presents a thriving environment, which is very suitable for privacy protection on the side of the garden.
indoor screen fence This is an indoor new Chinese-style screen fence. This screen fence is also made of corten steel. The whole adopts a new Chinese-style design. It is divided into three parts. The parts on both sides are hollow at the top and solid at the bottom. There is a round gate in the middle. The shape plays a role in its beautiful appearance. It is very suitable for use in hotel lobbies, restaurant partitions, living rooms, tea rooms, and other spaces. It has privacy protection and is also beautiful.
large outdoor screen fence This outdoor screen fence is also a large weather-resistant steel screen. The one shown in the picture is used at the entrance of the garage. It functions as a garage door to protect the safety of your car. After the lock is opened, there are rollers at the bottom. It can be easily removed and you can easily drive your car out, making it a beautiful and durable garage door.
corten steel screen fence door This is a multifunctional screen fence with a lock that can be opened. Of course, it is also a door. Our screen fence is also made of weathering steel, but it functions as a door. We designed a lock for it and hinges on both sides. It can be opened when it needs to pass through and locked when it is not needed. on, according to your needs. The characteristics of weather-resistant steel ensure that it is not afraid of wind and rain, extending its service life. HNJBL stylish screen fence is more than just a screen.




In an age where privacy is becoming increasingly important, screen fences are an important tool for your personal space. HNJBL stylish screen fences are highly durable, beautiful and economical, they combine privacy, security, style, affordability and low maintenance. If you need a screen to protect the privacy of your outdoor space, consider the HNJBL stylish screen fence.

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