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Company news about China good fire pit sphere supplier-JBLgarden

China good fire pit sphere supplier-JBLgarden


Latest company news about China good fire pit sphere supplier-JBLgarden

China good fire pit sphere supplier-JBLgarden

Custom globe fire pit

1. The classic sphere shape- You can go for a traditional sphere shape with a dome lid that still adds a touch of modern style to your backyard or patio.

2. Half-sphere shape - A semi-circle shaped sphere will make it possible for you to have your fire pit placed against a wall, or backed into a corner, while still allowing for easy access to the flames.

4. Rustic steel sphere- A rustic steel fire pit sphere adds an industrial touch to your backyard, and with a deep fire pit at the center, offers a long-lasting flame to keep you warm.

5. Multi-level Globe shape- This sphere-shaped fire pit design is made up of multiple discs that make up the interior of the globe, each level adds more verticality and interest to the flame display.

Remember to consider placement, fuel options, and style preferences when designing the perfect outdoor fire pit sphere.

Custom Sculptural Steel Fire Pits

Advantage-- Spherical Fire Pits

1. Long life: 360 Degree Extreme Fire Sphere has a long service life, can withstand the strict test of all seasons. They are made of wear-resistant, rust-resistant Corten steel, so they can withstand extreme temperature changes and harsh climatic conditions.

2. Beautiful: Extreme fire spheres has a unique and beautiful appearance. Its rust texture and natural color are its main features, which will become more beautiful with time. Their design features and exquisite workmanship make them a highlight of any outdoor space.

3. Safety: round fire pit are designed for outdoor grilling and burning. They are fire-resistant to keep you and your family safe. With proper use, you can enjoy all the warmth and comfort of an outdoor space.

4. Versatility: Fire Ball Sphere Fire Pit can not only be used for outdoor barbecues and fires, but also for outdoor decorations and lighting. You can place it in a garden, deck or courtyard to easily add a better atmosphere and color to your outdoor space.

5. Easy maintenance: custom fire pits are easy to maintain, requiring no extra coating and maintenance. You just need to clean it before you use it and then leave it dry after you stop using it. This can better protect the appearance and prolong the service life.

fire pit sphere

Usage Scenario--Fire Sphere

1. Heating and cooking for outdoor camping and survival situations

2. Decorations and embellishments in outdoor yards and gardens

3. Be the focal point and center of outdoor gatherings and social occasions

4. Public Spaces, such as parks, squares, and city halls, are used for public speaking or social gatherings

5. Resorts and hotels, such as resorts and resort hotels, are used for tourists' entertainment and leisure.

Fire pit globe

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