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Company news about Corten Steel Planters Metal Finish

Corten Steel Planters Metal Finish


Latest company news about Corten Steel Planters Metal Finish

Rectangular planters have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a unique, rustic look that can enhance the overall look of a garden or outdoor space. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles, from sleek, modern designs to rustic, rough-hewn pieces that add a touch of natural beauty to any outdoor environment.

Caring for Corten Steel Planter Boxes is relatively easy. They should be cleaned periodically with a mild detergent, and any debris or leaves should be removed from the surface. The rust surface should be allowed to develop naturally over time, and the planters should be kept in a dry location to prevent moisture from building up and causing damage. With proper care, Corten planter can last for decades, adding a beautiful, rustic touch to any outdoor space.

Surface Treatment:

1. Rust treatment: Corten Steel Series Long Box Planter can achieve a unique appearance through natural rust. Covering the surface of the plant box with a layer of oxide can change the color, texture and texture. This appearance, which changes over time, can give a unique and interesting look.


2. Coating treatment: In addition to achieving a unique appearance through natural rust, Large Metal Planters can also change their appearance by applying surface paint. Spray anti-rust paint, paint color, can also create a variety of textural effects of the coating.


3. Sand and ash treatment: metal planters can be sandblasted, polished and other treatment methods to achieve the smooth and soft steel surface. This treatment removes the rust layer from the surface, leaving a smooth texture and color.


4. Galvanized treatment: Garden Planters can be galvanized during the production process to enhance the durability and corrosion resistance of steel parts. Galvanizing can form a zinc layer on the surface of Corten steel, which can better protect the steel from oxidation and rust.


5. Anti-oxidation treatment: Corten Steel Planter can resist oxidation through specific process treatment and extend the service life of steel parts. This treatment method can make the surface of Corten steel more solid, wear-resistant and textured.

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