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Company news about Introduction To The Application Field Of Corten-A

Introduction To The Application Field Of Corten-A


Latest company news about Introduction To The Application Field Of Corten-A

Introduction To The Application Field Of Corten steel

1. Architecture: Corten steel is often used in architectural designs, such as building facades, roofs, and sculptures, due to its weathered appearance and rust-colored patina.

2. Landscape design: Corten steel is also becoming a popular material choice in landscape design for structures such as retaining walls, planters, and outdoor furniture.

3. Industrial and transportation: Corten steel is commonly used in industrial settings, such as bridges, shipping containers, and oil rigs, due to its durability and resistance to corrosion.

4. Art and sculpture: The unique aesthetics of Corten steel make it a popular choice for artistic expression, as seen in outdoor sculptures, installations, and public art.

5. Decorative purposes: Corten steel is also used for decorative purposes, such as cladding, fencing, and signage.

6. Infrastructure: Corten steel is often used in infrastructure projects, such as pedestrian walkways, sound barriers, and highway guardrails, due to its high strength and resistance to weathering.

Corten steel grill:

1. Strong durability: Corten Steel has weather resistance, which can effectively prevent corrosion and wear, so that Corten Steel Grill can be used for a long time under different climatic and environmental conditions.

2. Unique appearance: Corten steel produces a special appearance with natural oxidation emulsion after being exposed to atmospheric environment. This unique look makes the Corten Steel Grill a unique design element.

3. High temperature stability: The high temperature stability of Corten steel is very good, suitable for many different types of barbecue activities and barbecues.

4. Easy maintenance: Corten Steel Grill has good maintenance, just clean to maintain its appearance.

5. Eco-friendly: Corten Steel can be recycled and reused, so the Corten Steel Grill is an environmentally friendly choice.

6. Diversified design: Corten Steel Grill can be designed and manufactured according to different needs, which can meet the needs of various customers.

Corten steel Edging :

1. Corrosion resistance: Corten steel edge coating helps to resist external environmental conditions (such as air, water and soil) to its surface corrosion.

2. Long life: Corten steel edges are durable and durable, and can be used for gardening edges and flower bed edges, with a long service life.

3. Strong aesthetics: Corten steel edge has a unique appearance, showing a beautiful copper appearance, showing a unique strong environmental style in the garden.

4. Low maintenance costs: Corten steel edges do not require additional painting or coating, so no additional maintenance costs and time are required.

5. Easy to install: Corten steel edges can be fixed by various methods, such as garden frames, bayonets and troughs. This makes installation simple, quick and easy.

Corten steel Sculpture:

1. Strong corrosion resistance: The biggest feature of Corten steel sculpture is its strong corrosion resistance, because the steel surface will form a natural corrosion resistance layer when the sculpture is made, which can effectively isolate the contact between air and moisture, thus effectively extending the service life of the sculpture.

2. Unique color: Corten steel surface after natural weathering treatment, it has a certain degree of natural and unique copper red tone, this unique color and texture make the sculpture more stable and durable.

3. Good texture: Corten steel sculpture inherits the coarse mineral texture of steel in material, which is full of artistic tension and charm, which is very in line with the aesthetic needs of modern public art.

4. Environmental protection and sustainable: Corten steel not only has natural corrosion resistance, but also does not contain harmful substances, is environmentally friendly, and can protect the sculpture from corrosion for a long time. As a result, Corten steel sculptures are very popular in public art Settings.

5. Strong shapeability: The overall shapeability of Corten steel is very strong, and it can be personalized sculpture creation according to needs, which provides more design possibilities for artists.

Corten steel Planter:

1. Corrosion resistance: Corten steel contains copper, chromium, nickel, silicon and phosphorus and other elements, forming a dense oxide layer to prevent oxidation, strengthen the corrosion resistance of steel, thereby extending the service life of the product.

2. Aesthetics: Corten steel flower pot has a unique texture and color, its color shades are different, showing a unique rust surface, this unique appearance contains industrial beauty, help to create an artistic atmosphere.

3. Environmental protection: Corten steel is a non-toxic, pollution-free material, itself will not produce any harmful gases, liquids or solids, will not emit toxic substances, so environmentally friendly, in line with environmental requirements.

4. Durability: Corten steel flower pot is not easy to damage, its texture, texture and color are difficult to be worn, faded or damaged. This durability reduces product maintenance time and cost.

5. Variety: Corten steel has undergone a variety of oxidation states during oxidation, and the color has gradually changed, so the longer the service life, the richer the color of its surface, and over time, it presents a unique aesthetic feeling. Due to the different degree of oxidation, each Corten steel flower pot is unique.

6. Plasticity: Corten steel can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and types. Its flexibility and plasticity are high, and it can be easily processed into different shapes or to meet different design needs.

Corten steel FirePit:

1. Strong durability: Corten steel is a special steel with high strength, wear resistance and good weather resistance, which can be used for a long time.

2. Strong corrosion resistance: Corten steel is an alloy steel with a unique oxide layer, which can prevent further corrosion of steel and reduce maintenance costs.

3. High safety: The fire pit made of Corten steel is made of high-thickness steel plate, which can effectively withstand high temperature and deformation, reducing safety hazards during use.

4. Strong design: The color and texture of Corten steel, combined with artisan craftsmanship and design, can create a unique and pleasing appearance according to your tastes and preferences.

5. Low maintenance costs: The corrosion resistance of Corten steel reduces maintenance costs, and cleaning is easy, just wipe the surface with water.

Corten steel Screen panels:

1. Good durability: Cortensteel has high strength and corrosion resistance, which can resist the erosion of the natural environment, so Cortensteel screen panels are very durable for outdoor use.

2. Strong aesthetics: Cortensteel has a unique appearance, because its surface will form a reddish-brown rust layer, thus giving Cortensteel screen panels a charming texture and color.

3. Easy to process: Cortensteel is softer and easier to process than other steels. Cortensteel can be cut, welded and drilled as needed, so it is easier to install and maintain Cortensteel screen panels.

4. Environmental protection and reliability: Corten steel is made of copper, chromium and other metal elements to improve its corrosion resistance and strength, but because these metal elements are natural, so non-toxic and harmless, will not have a negative impact on the environment.

5. Wind and heat insulation: Cortensteel screen panels have very good heat and sound insulation performance, and can effectively wind and cold warm in outdoor and indoor occasions.

Corten steel advantages:

1. Strong durability: Corten steel is specially treated with rust prevention and weather resistance, which can maintain a long life in different environments without frequent maintenance and replacement.


2. High aesthetics: Corten steel has a unique red-brown surface, which is integrated with the surrounding environment, which can add the beauty and artistic effect of the building.


3. High strength and rigidity: Corten steel is made of steel and other metal alloys, so it has high strength and rigidity and can cope with various environmental and climatic conditions.


4. Can be cold bent and welded: Corten steel can be cold bent and welded, allowing different shapes and designs to be used in construction.


5. Friendly and environmental protection: Corten steel can be recycled, reduce waste and negative impact on the environment, meet the basic principles of sustainable development.

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