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Company news about Water vapor fireplace: Embracing the Latest Trend in 2024

Water vapor fireplace: Embracing the Latest Trend in 2024


Latest company news about Water vapor fireplace: Embracing the Latest Trend in 2024

Why Choose water vapor fireplace?


Water vapor fireplaces not only provide realistic flame effects, but also pay attention to safety, environmental protection, intelligence, and convenience. Steam fireplaces create a realistic flame effect through light and water vapor, providing a safe and comfortable option for families. The environmentally friendly features of water vapor fireplaces are also attractive. Water vapor fireplaces use water and LED lighting, which reduces dependence on natural resources, helps reduce carbon footprint, and contributes to environmental protection.


Smart control and convenience are also among the reasons to choose a steam fireplace. Our company's latest water vapor fireplace is equipped with a remote control or smartphone app. You can easily adjust the temperature, flame effects and lights, providing you with a more intelligent and personalized experience.


2024 new water vapor fireplace


Are you tired of your mundane and boring halls? Keen to add a unique touch of color to your living room? Now we bring you one of the latest popular fireplace products - water vapor fireplaces.


water vapor fireplace


Product size(L*W*H) (800 / 1000 / 1200 / 1500 / 1800 / 2000)*240*200MM 
Optional product range Remote control + manual water addition (funnel water addition)
Remote control + automatic water refill (hose inserted into bucket, one-click refill)
Remote control + intelligent water replenishment (directly connected to the tap water pipe)
Remote control + automatic water addition + voice control (Chinese/English)
Remote control + intelligent hydration + voice control (Chinese/English)
Remote control + automatic water addition + app
Remote control + smart hydration + app

Waterproof LED lamp beads
Flame coverage reaches 97%
The light color is clean
Flame height 25~30cm (high simulation)

Ultrasonic ion atomization
Water shortage and power outage protection
304 stainless steel water tank
45dB silent operation
Constant temperature LED low energy consumption


Flame adjustment
water level display
Timing function

Touch screen
Remote control

Customization options Can be customized to any size
Panel color customization
Flame color customization
Function customization
Water adding method (manual water adding/automatic water adding optional)
Remote control (standard configuration)
Voice customization (Chinese/English optional)
Support global plug customization (European regulations/American regulations, etc.)



How to use and install water vapor fireplace?


(1) The steam fireplace should be installed horizontally in a place where it is not easy to shake, with a fixed air convection ratio.

(2) When making a hole in the steam fireplace, leave a vent. The fan inside the machine needs a vent.

(3) The atomized flame effect is easily affected by the outside world. In winter, the power-on time is relatively long, and the mist rises a little longer. There is often wind in the installation place, which will also affect the color and floating shape of the flame.


(1) Someone must be watching when adding water. Be careful of water spilling outside the water injection port, and no water can flow into the inside of the product to avoid damage to the electrical parts installed inside. It can be used for 2-3 days after being filled with water once.


(2) The principle of this product is to rely on an ultrasonic atomizer to turn water into water mist. The water injected into the water tank is preferably pure water or treated tap water. When used for a long time, the atomizer sheet will break due to scale. As a result, water seeps into the inside of the atomizer, causing the atomizer to short-circuit and burn out. Therefore, you must remember to clean the scale on the atomizer regularly to extend its service life.


(3) If you need to move the machine, remember to cut off the power first, drain the water in the water tank, and then carefully test the panel temperature of the machine before moving/moving it.


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